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 [PV Yuna] Petit sorcier muet recherche petite rebelle adorable pour faire sa vie en compagnie d'un bébé dragon

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Noctis Argentuum


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MessageSujet: [PV Yuna] Petit sorcier muet recherche petite rebelle adorable pour faire sa vie en compagnie d'un bébé dragon   Lun 19 Fév - 18:20

Noctis knotted his purple ribbon in front of his mirror, looked at himself with a pleased smile and goes to the little fridge in his room. He took some raw meat, a knife, and cut the meat in little pieces in a bowl. Then, he took an apple and made the same thing.
With the two bowl in his hand, he goes to the corner next to his wardrobe, convert into a cute place for his familiar who was still asleep. Noctis putted the two bowls near the basket and gently stroke his baby dragon to wake him up. He deeply loved him and was always sad to let him in his room while he was in class, so he always wanted to tell him goodbye before goes to class. For him, he converted a part of his own room into a cute room, with a basket, a lot of blanket and some plush and toys, all in pastel colours because his familiar was still a baby.
His baby dragon slowly open his eyes and goes right in Noctis’s arm by instinct. With a smile, Noctis hugged him and kissed him on the top of his head, and let him sat in his basket with a sleepy look. Noctis smiled, show him the two bowls and gave him a piece of the apple. His baby dragon put his cuddly toy next to him to eat the apple with his two little arms and the warlock patted his head before put his jacket on and grabbed his bag. He made a little goodbye’s sign to his dragon who imitated him, and leaves his room to go in class.
Once in class, while everyone took a seat, Noctis goes to the teacher who luckily knew him and hand him a pen with a little smile and no explanation. Noctis took it also with a smile, and started to write on the board.

Alright everyone, your comrade has something to tell you !

The term made Noctis smile in amusement, and he moved himself to let everyone read the text he just wrote.

Hello everyone !
I am Noctis Argentuum, and I write this to tell you something important : I am mute !
So if I write on my notebook or take time to answer you, that’s because I can’t communicate verbally.
I’m sorry to bother you with this, and I hope everyone will have a great year !

Always with a joyful smile, Noctis inclined himself when everyone had read this, and finally took a seat when his professor gave him the permission. Ready for the class, Noctis finally noticed that the discipline supervisor was in his class, and smile a little while looked at her. Since last year, he thought of her as a beautiful, gentle girl who certainly was interesting in many ways. Even if he liked her from away, he doesn’t want to bother her with a mute boy, but he was still too weaken by his last relationship and wasn’t ready for another one yet.
Looked at her from away was fine for him, and before get mistaken for a stalker, he turned his look away, and listen to the lesson.
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[PV Yuna] Petit sorcier muet recherche petite rebelle adorable pour faire sa vie en compagnie d'un bébé dragon
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